Authentic Focus Consulting LLC

Cathy Geib, MS, SPHR, GPCC, ACC

Cathy Geib helps professionals work from strengths, make effective choices and develop what is needed to achieve meaningful, observable results.  She specializes in developing authenticity and embodied leadership presence in women and teams who are working towards living their passion and purpose, and finding the best ways to manage their energy and time.

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Her one-on-one coaching brings positive energy and constructive focus to her clients.  Clients learn to respond constructively to challenging circumstances, inspire and motivate others authentically, and connect deeply with people - to engage as a leader with mind and heart.

Cathy believes that a leader's job is to bring out the best in people and situations - to uncover potential and bring it to life.  Through her leadership development workshops and retreats, she engages participants in uplifting experiences that offer practical tools and valuable outcomes.  In Cathy's conversations, leaders learn to:

  • Clarify purpose and focus action
  • Develop self-awareness and confidence
  • Strengthen their relationship network
  • Build accountable teams who lead by example
  • Facilitate conversations that challenge assumptions.

Authentic Focus Consulting LLC strives to create real and lasting change through events and personal growth experiences.  Through unique, participatory and interactive forums, we bring the conversation to a deeper level in customized Authentic Connections Events where we can discuss the issues that matter most to us.